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Although this may sound more like a general health tip and not a non-toxic tip, but I’ve got news for you! Fast food contains some chemicals that come from an unlikely source! 

This tip is less about the food itself, and more about wrappers and packaging. Did you know your burger and fries are wrapped in paper that’s coated in chemicals of the ‘non-stick’ variety? Maybe you’ve heard of these chemicals before. They are broadly called PFAS, which stands for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. They are used for many different purposes — they’re in carpet, furniture, fire fighting foam, non-stick pans,  etc. 

But how do they get into our food? Well, they’re in packaging because fast food is…greasy. A big study came out in 2017 and exposed this issue to the greater scientific community. The chemicals prevent fats and oils from saturating the packaging (which would look unappealing), so companies started adding PFAS for the curb appeal. 

As you might imagine, having these chemicals in direct contact with our food is bad news, since they can migrate. All in all, food wrappers are a way to be exposed to these chemicals. Luckily, it’s also an easy fix! Skip the the drive-through! 

Unfortunately, these chemicals can be present in other types of food packaging…but that’s a topic for another day!

Will this non-toxic tip be a tough one for you? 

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