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This tip is really both a non-toxic tip AND an eco-friendly tip! Bottled water already has a bad reputation for all the plastic bottles that get tossed each year (read more about our plastic waste problem here), but that’s not the whole story.

There are a few reasons why bottled water may be bad for our health. For one, the industry is not well regulated so companies can make claims about ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ water without being required to back it up. Generally speaking, bottled water *is* clean in terms of bacteria and such, which is why it’s helpful during natural disasters where the regular water supply is compromised.

BUT, the bottled water isn’t necessarily ‘clean’ or ‘pure’ in terms of harmful chemicals. When researchers have analyzed bottled water, they found it wasn’t much different that tap water…and in some cases worse! Also, having water sit in a plastic bottle for a long period of time isn’t a good idea either. I can definitely taste a funny flavor from the plastic which means chemicals have likely migrated into the water. 

Also, studies have shown that microplastics can be found in bottled water. Microplastics are a problem for both our health and the environment. This is a topic I will talk about in a future blog post, so follow along on Instagram or jump on my e-mail list so you don’t miss it!

Anyway, all of this is yet another reason to have a good water filter in your home. If you haven’t read my water filter comparison post, give it a read! A good filter will save you money, help the environment, AND be good for your health. So many perks! 

This issue also brings me back to an eco-friendly tip that I’ve talked about before, and that is using a reusable water bottle. Fill up your own bottle with filtered water and you’ll never need bottled water again!