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Have you heard of the “dirty dozen”? If you’ve downloaded my FREE Kitchen clean-up starter guide (you can get it here!) then you’ve heard a bit about this list.

The environmental working group puts together a list each each year with the 12 items of produce (fruits and veggies) that have the highest pesticide residues. In other words, these are the most important items to buy organic (or grow yourself if possible!). 

Here are a few of the 2019 list items that you may be using in fall or winter dishes:

Celery: a classic stuffing ingredient.

Apples: a classic pie ingredient.

Potatoes: A dish unto their own.

Spinach and Kale are also on the list and may make their way into any number of dishes or sides.

Want to see the full list? You can check out it out here.

The EWG also puts together a ‘clean 15’ list, where they share the 15 items of produce that have the lowest pesticide residues. These items of food are okay to buy conventional.

Are you surprised by any of the items on the dirty dozen list?? I definitely was the first time I saw it!

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