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Have you heard about this issue of plastic tea bags? I was certainly surprised when I learned about this! In this post I’ll tell you the easiest way to avoid plastic tea bags. 

Recently, a scientist noticed that some tea bags were made of what looked to be plastic. And these weren’t cheap tea bags either, they were “nice” brands that you might find in a nice coffee shop. Upon investigation, researchers found that when these tea bag were dunked into hot water, they were releasing a ton of tiny plastic particles into the tea. These small particles are called microplastics. 

Of course we can’t see these particles with our eyes, so until this was discovered, folks were drinking the tea + microplastics and didn’t know it! Yuck! Since learning about this story, I’ve been feeling weary of tea bags…most don’t specify their material.  

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this dilemma. Go loose-leaf! In my kitchen clean-up guide, which you get for FREE when you join my e-mail list, I share some #ecofriendly and #nontoxic options for loose leaf tea. You can also see what style of strainer I personally use! 

Going loose leaf is the most sure-fire way to avoid this type of tea bag, but you can also look for brands that specify no plastic in their tea bags, or 100% compostable tea bags.

The trick (for me, at least), is actually remembering to buy loose leaf tea, since not all stores carry it. I’ve been meaning to make a trip to my local tea shop for some high quality loose leaf. I love drinking black tea in the morning, and a green tea mid-day when I need an extra boost. Do you ever drink loose leaf tea?