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This non-toxic tip is a ‘classic’ one in my mind! Maybe because I became a stickler on this one a looooong time ago. I always avoid microwaving in plastic!

Heating up plastic (especially with your food inside) encourages the chemicals in the plastic to migrate from the plastic container into your food. Gross, right? The amount of chemical migration will depend on the type of food that you have inside the container, but to be safe, always avoid microwaving in plastic.

Do you want to learn more about what chemicals are in plastic containers and what health effects are connected to those chemicals? I cover that within my coaching programs! You can find more info about my coaching here.

If you’ve signed up for my newsletter list then you have FREE access to my Kitchen clean-up starter guide. It’s a guide with a combination of eco-friendly and non-toxic tips to get you moving toward a non-toxic kitchen. One of my recommendations is to invest in glass food storage containers. 

Using glass storage containers to microwave your food is a healthy and non-toxic solution to reheating food in the microwave. Glass is completely safe to heat to high temperatures, and no chemicals migrate from glass to your food. I LOVE my glass storage containers. I like snap lid style because I find they have a better seal and are more durable. 

While I recommend glass containers, I still have some residual plastic ones around the house. Since they are not safe for the microwave, I try to only use them for ‘dry’ items. I also use them when every other container is full and I need *something* to put my leftovers in. But then I make sure to transfer my food to a glass container or a plate before reheating the food.