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Let’s talk about something that might be preventing you from taking steps towards a non-toxic lifestyle. Overwhelm. It’s a big, gnarly topic that comes up a lot in my line of work, and I want to dig into in a bit with you.

Overwhelm comes in many shades — overwhelm from time demands, errands, to-do lists, etc. But I’m talking about a different kind of overwhelm. I’m talking about the kind that makes you want to put your head in the sand and ignore everything. 

This kind of overwhelm comes up when a problem feels too big, too scary, or too hard. It can come up when you feel dumb or unprepared. Or, it can come up when you feel lost or misguided. Frankly, it comes up at different times for each of us! 

Overwhelm is actually one of the main reasons I started this business. I know that thinking about non-toxic issues can be scary and hard. It can feel like too much to deal with. All the information can be daunting and even threatening. Believe me, I have been there!

That’s exactly why I deliver easy-to-understand, focused information on non-toxic living to my clients. I want to help you push past the feelings of overwhelm and toward a sense of empowerment. You will feel prepared and confident that you are making the best choices that you can, given your individual circumstances. We will work together to design a plan with clear steps. 

If creating a non-toxic home is on your goal list but you are dragging your feet, I can help you! Book a FREE 15 minute call with me and we can talk about your biggest non-toxic concerns, and whether working with me makes sense. 

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