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Bottled water, while convenient at times, creates A LOT of waste. So much so that companies like Rothy’s and others can build an entire product around plastic bottle waste! I’m all for recycling and re-purposing the plastic we’ve already made, but there’s no need to continue generating as much as we currently do. Owning a reusable water bottle can keep thousands of plastic water bottles out of landfills!

A reusable water bottle is great on the day-to-day and I keep mine in my purse at all times. Since I don’t go anywhere without it, I never get in a bind where I’m thirsty and without water. At this point, I’m so obsessed with always having water that I feel kind of strange without it!

My reusable water bottle is especially clutch during travel. It saves me money (bottled water is so expensive!), but it also helps me stay hydrated while on an airplane or in the car. I know that if I’m drinking a couple full water bottles a day (mine is 32oz), then I’m definitely getting enough water!

I use an old nalgene that I’ve had for years. Yes, it is plastic, but in the spirit of mindful consumption, I’ve chosen to continue to use it as long as I can. It’s reliable and VERY durable so it’s been great. If I were to buy a new water bottle today, I would choose a glass or metal option. (Go for metal if weight is a concern for you— the glass ones can get kinda heavy).

While a reusable water bottle is good for the environment, it is also good for your health too! Check out my non-toxic tip on skipping bottled water to learn why.

Do you have a reusable water bottle? Share your favorite brands and styles below! 👇 Looking to get one? Browse the comments to see what others like! 💡