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Carpooling…do you love it or hate it? If you carpool to work you could be reaping some major benefits — from saving money, reducing vehicle emissions, mitigating traffic, slowing roadway degradation, to putting less miles on your car. Of course, if you have awesome public transit in your area, I would opt for that! It’s like carpooling but 10x better.

What can you do to find a carpool buddy (or buddies)?

-Send out a quick e-mail to co-workers to see if anyone lives in your part of town and is interested in carpooling.

-Reach out to your employer and ask if they’ve considered starting a van pool, or whether they already have one that you could join.

-If you live in the triangle, see if there is a rideshare that would work for you!

**don’t forget to consider commuting via bike or on foot! This is another great way to save energy and also save money all while getting some exercise!

Both my husband and I commute to the same area each day, but we find it surprisingly difficult to coordinate schedules to carpool. I have irregular hours during certain times of the year, and frequently one of us is going directly to another activity after work. We need to commit to a certain number of days per week and stick to it no matter what!

Do you carpool to work with anyone? What are your tricks for successfully making it happen on a regular basis?

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