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Today I’m sharing a super easy and very doable eco-friendly tip: bring reusable grocery bags to the store! Reusable grocery bags are very common days and using them will prevent hundreds, maybe thousands, of plastic bags from entering the waste stream as a result of your shopping. All of those plastic bags eventually end up in landfills, or even worse, end up in the environment where they can harm and endanger animals. Read more about plastic pollution in this post.

No need to stop with the grocery store! You can also bring reusable shopping bags to other stores — think target, the pharmacy, thrift stores, or anywhere else! I have a total of ~10, so I leave several in my car, have a few in the house, and a few in my husband’s car. I will stuff a couple in my purse before I go into any store so that I can avoid taking a plastic bag.

While cloth ones are awesome (especially cotton since it’s biodegradable), any style will work! I use a combination of cloth and (durable) plastic. I have a few from Trader Joe’s that I got years ago, as well as others that I’ve accumulated from events.

Looking to get some reusable shopping bags? Ask friends and family if they have any extras that they don’t use, or check your local second hand store. It’s always better for the environment to continue to use items already in circulation than buy new ones. If I *had* to buy new ones today, I would opt for sturdy but large cloth bags.

Forget your bags at home? Ask for paper and don’t worry about it too much! Over time you will get better and better at remembering to bring your own bags. 

Do you have a style or brand of reusable grocery bag that you love? Share below!