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Today we’re diving into the bathroom! Have you though about making your shaving routine more eco-friendly? Have you heard of a double edge safety razor? They are one of many ways to move toward a eco-friendly bathroom! 

Why make the switch?

Disposable disposable razors, disposable razor heads, and shaving products can generate a lot of plastic waste. The disposable nature of razors really started to bother me last year, and I decided to take the plunge to an eco-friendly option. I switched over to a double edge safety and I’m so thrilled to be one step closer to an eco-friendly bathroom! I never have to buy another disposable blade or razor.

Double edge safety razors can be made out of entirely sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Mine is 100% stainless steel, although there are options that include wooden elements too. My razor completely disassembles so that everything can dry out after each use, which helps me keep it in good condition.

Double edge safety razors have disposable blades…but those are also entirely metal! I use mine several times, and then discard. The metal blades are ultimately biodegradable and will degrade after they are thrown away. BUT! The blades are recyclable, if done properly.

What I use

I personally use this long handled safety razor made by Merkur. I like the long handle because it’s easier when shaving my legs. There are also options that are specific for women, but I chose a unisex style.

I know a lot of folks are scared of the double edge safety razor because they’re afraid of cutting themselves. Yes, it requires a bit of a different technique, but it’s not as scary as it seems! I’ve only cut myself once and it was because I was trying to shave as fast as possible…not recommended! 

There are Youtube videos out there on all aspects of shaving with this kind of razor. Everything from how to get a good soap foam, to the actual shaving technique.

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