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Non-toxic Home Consulting


Curious to learn more about the non-toxic home consultation options I offer?

Whole-home overhaul: A step-by-step program to help you address nearly every nook and cranny of your home! This is a 6-week program full of helpful information and actionable steps to take each week.

Pregnancy Program: A special pregnancy-focused program that incorporates elements of the whole-home overhaul with pregnancy-specific considerations.



Learn what to look for

Learn how to tell which products are non-toxic and safe, and which ones to avoid! I will guide you through the essentials.

Overhaul your home

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? I will guide you through the process to create a more non-toxic home.


Your questions, answered

During this process, questions are bound to come up. I’m here to answer any questions you might have!

Help the planet too!

An awesome side benefit of a non-toxic home -> your home will become more sustainable and eco-friendly too!

Peace of mind

No more worrying about the harmful chemicals in your home. Feel confident in your new, healthy space.



No one said it was easy! I’m here to support you and keep you on track through weekly calls.

Creating a non-toxic home can be easy!

What if you didn’t have to worry about what toxic chemicals were lurking in your make-up, your shampoo, or under your kitchen sink? What if you felt confident that your home was free of harmful chemicals? I can help you through the process in a fun and informative way!

Hi! I’m Allison

I’m here to help you make concrete changes in your home and life to minimize your contact with harmful chemicals. 

Maybe you can relate to this moment…

You’re getting ready in the morning and there are 30+ products scattered around the bathroom: hair stuff, make-up, creams, sprays, and on and on. You stop, look around, and think, “huh, I wonder if these all these lotions and potions are really okay for my health? Are they the best choices? Maybe I should look into better options?” The moment is fleeting because it’s time to scamper out of the bathroom, grab some breakfast, and run out the door.

It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do after deciding to make changes for your health. Who do you trust? Where do you start? *cue feelings of overwhelm and a strong urge to crawl under a rock*

I’ve created guided programs to help you detox any part of your home, combining educational elements with actionable steps. While non-toxic living is my focus, a lot of the changes I will encourage you to take are also eco-friendly and benefit the environment. Win!

Depending on your needs, we can work on one part of your home, or your whole home! I also offer a pregnancy program and one-on-one private options.

About me

Are you wondering who I am and how I began this non-toxic consulting biz?

I have my PhD in Toxicology and I’ve spent the last 10 years thinking about non-toxic and eco-friendly issues. Much of that time I’ve worked in a laboratory, far away from sunlight and human interaction.

At times, I felt like my expertise was going to waste. I knew so much about non-toxic living, but I didn’t have a way to connect with people and share my knowledge.

So, I dreamed, and pondered, and finally came upon this idea: take my expertise directly to people who wanted clarity, useful information, and actionable steps to create a non-toxic home! And so it began!

My mission is to empower people with knowledge, guide them through the process of creating a non-toxic home, and ultimately minimize their contact with harmful chemicals!


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